Ruby on Rails

Uber Santé Winter 2019

Uber Santé is a patient reservations system built with Ruby on Rails for a fictional health clinic. A team of five including myself created this term project for our Software Architecture II course taken during the winter 2019 semester. We were tasked with designing a systems architecture adhering to GRASP and SOLID design principles as well as the GOF Design Patterns and Anti-Patterns. All wraped up with nine design patterns implemented from scratch.

One Social Spring 2018

One Social is a web app built with Ruby on Rails that neatly aggregates all of your social media links into one place. You can find an example of my social media profile here. Some notable features are: search functionality, many-to-one and many-to-many database relationships, and a dedication to aesthetically pleasing design. This project is a great example of my attention to detail and love for programming.

G-Apedia Fall 2018

G -Apedia is an accuracy meter for the know-it-all in my group of friends. You can simply give him an upvote or a down vote when he cites correct or wrongful information respctfully. It is about as simple as a Rails web app can get. It consits of one database relation with two columns upvotes and downvotes and some simple ruby does the math to calculate his accuracy in the front end. This project shows my ability to deploy a rails app quickly and efficiently. G-Apedia took only a few hours to deploy.

Driver Rank Fall 2017

Driver Rank is a web app for ranking other peoples driving abilities. It was my very first Rails app and in turn I made a lot of mistakes but it turned out to be an exceptional learning experience.